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Harness - Midnight Sparkle

Swarovski Crystal Collection



  • Adjustable around the neck and chest
  • The Swarovski stones are placed on the front of the Harness
  • Pawfect fore extra growing space
  • Or for cold/ winter days to have extra space to put a hoodie or coat underneath
  • Soft breathable (neoprene) and quick drying material
  • D ring for lead attachment
  • Cute, fun and fashionable
  • Matchy matchy with the Midnight sparkle, Lead, Collar and Poo bag holder.
  • Extra accessories to complete a matchy look are the hoodie.
  • Handwash only


Extra information

  • The  Swarovski crystals are the Original one
  • The (10) Swarovski crystals are only on the front of the harness, for safaty reasons, to reprehent injuries or scratches between the legs 
  • De Swarovski crystals are placed by hand thats why we the dilevery time is a bit longer
  • Handwash only



! Holiday gift;  for holiday gifts we advice you  for not waiting to long, because the Swarovski Crystals are placed by hand, this takes a longer delivery time. This collection is also a limited edition, that means that we have a very limted amount in stock.



No Wellywoofandco accessories are Chew proof or indestructible, please always keep the items out of reach and supervised. All items are dog friendly, non toxic to wear and durable. Wellywoofandco is not responsible for injuries or damages which results of your dog wearing or using our products. It's the costumers responsibility to check for suitability of the chosen product. Prints and colors may be slight different due to different materials.


Size Harness
€ 31,75 per piece VAT incl.

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