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Welcome to Wellywoof

My name is Jazmin and I have a big chaotic animal, Fashionable, loving life.

As my life has always been about animals filled with horses, cats and last but not least dogs, I can openly say that it has always brought me so much joy, laughter, sometimes worries,  but most of all love in to my life!

As my sweet companions always inspired me and stimulated my creative side, in photography and especially fashion, it just took 1 day to say, what if I could share my ideas with the world and other animal lovers.

Our little family is since September 2020 based in Italy enriched with my boyfriend and my 2 frenchbulldogs Ellie and Wendy.

Happily can I say that In Holland my mom takes care of our first Frenchie Popsy, our cat Minnie, frenchie Nina and my lovely horse Elegido, that are waiting for me to come by when the world allows it.

We hope to enrich your life too with our love, creativity, designs and laughter. Because We LLOVE You

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